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Ensuring Safety With Our Renovations

Introduction: At Sunshine Handyman, we prioritize safety and reliability in our renovation projects. We have direct access to certified lead testing, thanks to our affiliation with Sunshine Home Inspection. Our commitment to good science and environmental testing ensures that our renovation jobs are carried out with the utmost care and precision.

Our Approach:

  1. Certified Lab Testing: We partner with a certified lab to obtain indisputable and scientifically backed results when it comes to lead testing. This ensures that our clients can trust the accuracy of our findings.

  2. Recent Testing Success: In a recent project, we conducted 12 lead tests on stacks of boards at the job site. Shockingly, we discovered that about 5 of the stacks contained lead, highlighting the importance of thorough testing.

  3. Environmental Expertise: With the owner of Sunshine Handyman also serving as an environmental tester through Sunshine Home Inspection, we have a unique advantage. We can combine our renovation expertise with scientific knowledge to deliver safe and effective solutions.

Ensuring Safety for Reused Materials:

One particular set of boards, totaling around 30, was earmarked for reuse within the home. Our sample survey of 4 boards indicated a positive presence of lead. Based on this, we concluded that all of these boards contained lead.

We immediately took action to protect the health of our workers and the future homeowners:

  • Safety Precautions: We directed our workers on how to handle the lead-containing wood with utmost care and safety measures in place. We follow EPA protocols.

  • Safe Reuse: Our team ensured that these boards could be safely used inside the home, following strict protocols for lead management.

In the realm of lead, following good science and proper procedures is non-negotiable. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and environmental responsibility sets us apart in the renovation industry.


At Sunshine Handyman, we stand by our dedication to safety and the well-being of our clients. By combining lead testing with environmental expertise, we ensure that our renovation projects are executed with the highest standards of care. For all your renovation needs, trust us to prioritize health, safety, and excellence.

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