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Welcome to Sunshine Handyman: Your Trusted Partner for New Orleans-Style Home Improvements

At Sunshine Handyman, we pride ourselves on excelling in transforming or remodeling various parts of your home, be it kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, family rooms, or any other space, with a specialization in capturing the unique essence of home improvement in New Orleans style. Our team's passion for carpentry work shines through, and we stand out as experts in installing built-in bookcases, crafting new cabinets, adding crown molding, revamping exterior siding, and a wide array of other services for your construction needs. We are your go-to experts for a range of tasks, from hanging drywall, lighting, electrical and plumbing work, to painting and regrading your yard slope. Our commitment is to get it right the first time.

Meet Our Owner, Thomas Kelting: Thomas Kelting, the founder of Sunshine Home Inspection, brings over 13 years of experience to the table. He is licensed through the LA State Board of Home Inspectors and holds the prestigious title of a certified "Board Trainer." He diligently supervises our team to ensure adherence to proper building codes and standards as we renovate and remodel. With a strong background in home inspection, he recognized the demand for high-quality handyman services and solid construction in the New Orleans area, leading to the creation of Sunshine Handyman, LLC.

Our Commitment to Quality: We place a premium on quality and safety. Sunshine Handyman is fully insured with general liability and workers' compensation coverage. Additionally, we are licensed through the LA State Licensing Board for Contractors (#566984). For more information about our home inspection company, please visit (LHI#10755).  Choose Sunshine Handyman for your home improvement needs, and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make. Your New Orleans-style dream renovations are just a click or call away.

Bathroom outdated or needs a renovation or repair? We can update the entire room. From fixing your toilet, changing the faucet, tiling, stopping a leak or lighting — we can give your bathroom a refresh. 

Add value to your home with new flooring.  We can install real wood, engineered and any laminate material, to best fit your budget, style and taste. We can also replace outdoor porch and deck flooring too. We excel at refinishing any type of flooring.


Our licensed home improvement company specializes in wood siding. We offer professional board replacement, caulking, priming, and painting services to enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your home's exterior.

Impress your guests with updates in your kitchen.  From a total kitchen renovation to installing a new sink, vent fans, cabinets, faucets, tiles,  appliances and reverse osmosis water filtration devices; we can upgrade your kitchen with the latest trends.


This is where our artistry comes into play. Built in bookcases, cabinets, siding, fences, gates, or a new table— we work with wood and design. We can sister joists or replace that termite damaged beam.  We can fix old, failing construction. 

Your walls are our canvas. Our artistic skills and expertise in wall repair can make your rooms look smooth and new again. We are experienced interior and exterior home painters and are able to brighten up your rooms from the floorboards to the ceiling with a quick paint renovation.

Seeking electrical services? Need to move an outlet, install new lighting, drive a ground rod or install a fan? We offer skilled and safe electrical work. 


We can replace portions of your plumbing and fix the issues that are plaguing your older terra cotta or cast iron pipes. We construct with new PVC or ABS piping. We can also repair your supply lines and replace portions of your old galvanized lines with newer copper or PEX options.

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